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Tourism in Jordan

Tourism in Jordan is an expanding sector. Jordan’s various destinations provide a magical experience for the curious traveler. If you are planning to visit Jordan, here is a glimpse of what to expect..

The lowest point on earth: Dead Sea. It’s exceptionally salty water makes it a sea with no trace of aquatic life and an ideal destination for those searching for their ultimate wellness and exploration trip. Known to instantly heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, Dead Sea will truly satisfy your wellness needs.

Need to explore the deep Arabian desert where award winning movies like The Martian and Aladdin was filmed? Wadi Rum is your next destination. 

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There is one constant in this world; Change! 

Travellers’s behaviour is changing, people are more eager to immerese in the place and the culutre, people have various tastes and preferences. 

We at Kinda Travel realize the trend and have set ourselves to cater for this changing atmosphere.

Kinda is a culmination of many years of experiences and many touristic entrepreneurial projects in Jordan. From authentic and glamping accomodations to unqiue experiences we carefully design your itinerary with one aim; making you a memorable lifetime experience. We combine the charm of the Kingdom of time; Jordan with the quality and unique service.

You are different and we are different. 

Fayez Alkhlaifat – Kinda Travel 

Listen to them they will inspire you. 

My son Yazan asked me for help to arrange a night out for him and his friends in Wadi Rum. They spent the night under the sky in sleeping bags!

Yazan told me they had a wonderful night but one of his friends had some concerns of insect bites!  He asked me what if we can make a transparent tent that provides opennines and protection?

I have started the research process to answer this question and the result was pioneering the geodesic domes in Wadi Rum in our sister camp Sun City, now known as Martian domes. It hit a quick and lasting success as a preferred accomodation unit in Wadi Rum. Yazan idea became a trend in tens of camps in Wadi Rum. We at Kinda are proud of creating new projects that are unique, RumSky Stargazing Adventure (our sister company) was an idea of Leen; my partner Fayez daughter.

Listen carefully to children; they will isnpire you!

Sultan Alnawafleh – Kinda Travel 

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