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Tourism in Jordan

Tourism in Jordan

Tourism in Jordan is an expanding sector. Jordan’s various destinations provide a magical experience for the curious traveler. If you are planning to visit Jordan, here is a glimpse of what to expect..

The lowest point on earth: Dead Sea. It’s exceptionally salty water makes it a sea with no trace of aquatic life and an ideal destination for those searching for their ultimate wellness and exploration trip. Known to instantly heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, Dead Sea will truly satisfy your wellness needs.

Need to explore the deep Arabian desert where award winning movies like The Martian and Aladdin was filmed? Wadi Rum is your next destination. A vast national reserve composed of lime stone canyons and magnificent sand Dunes that you can explore through jeep rides. The jeep rides will take you along the paths of ancient caravans and historical places where the infamous “Lawrence of Arabia” made history with his fellow Arabs.

There are a host of fine resorts and camps in Wadi Rum you can stay in to continue you explorations. You can also enjoy the night time activity, night stargazing from RumSky. Since Wadi Rum is an unpolluted desert far away from the blinding lights of your everyday city, it will allow you to see the details of the night sky and its celestial objects.

Wadi Rum has even more to offer. Hot air balloon rides timed with the sunrise will give you a breathtaking and vantage view of the desert. A world class and safe operation that will enrich your desert experience!

Want to engulf yourself in ancient history? Jordan is a biblical land described in the Bible, you can visit Baptism sites near the Dead Sea as well as Mount Nebo and numerous religious places located in the country. Jerash, Ajloun and Um Qais are other intriguing mixes of Roman and Islamic history with a forest nature, which makes it an ideal destination if you decide to visit Jordan during summer season.

For an even greater historic exploration, your next experience is one of the world’s seven wonders: Petra. A 2,000 year old Nabatean city, Petra is built from stone by bare hands. “The Treasury of Petra” is the famous enchanting canyon revealed after you complete the Sig walk.

Petra at night is as glamorous as its day. Walking in Petra with little light pollution and the magic of the massive monuments around you makes Petra at night a lifetime experience.

Love swimming? Then you can’t visit Jordan without visiting Aqaba; The red sea gulf hosts a unique reef for divers of all kinds. Fine resorts scattered around the city provide a wide array of activities, perfect for a family activity.

You only live once, why not satisfy your inner explorer? Visiting Jordan at least once in your lifetime is not an option; it’s a must!

Here is quick list of the most popular destination in Jordan followed by a list of some of the things you can do in Jordan. You can pick your selected destinations and things to do in Jordan from our website and one of our agents will design the right trip for you!

Destination to consider when you visit Jordan:
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • Aqaba
  • Dana
  • Karak
  • Dead Sea
  • Madaba
  • Mount Nebo
  • Amman
  • Desert Castles
  • Jerash
  • Ajloun
  • Umm Qais

    Activities in Jordan:
  • Balloons Over Rum (Wadi Rum)
  • Wadi Rum RumSky
  • Stargazing Adventure (Wadi Rum)
  • Henna Fantasia Jordan
  • Folklore Night (Petra)
  • Petra By Night (Petra)
  • Jordan Heritage Food
  • Experience (Amman)
  • Aqabawi Cultural
  • Experiences (Aqaba)
  • RSCN Zipline (Ajloun)
  • Jeep Tour (Wadi Rum)
  • Camel Ride (Wadi Rum)
  • Hiking (Various Places in Jordan)
  • Jordan Trail (All over Jordan)
  • Petra Kitchen Cooking
  • Experience (Petra)
  • Mosaic Art Experience (Madaba)
  • Henna Inscriptions (Madaba)
  • Bird Watching (Aqaba and Azraq)
  • Diving (Aqaba)
  • Project Sea – Sustainable
  • Cleaning of Sea (Aqaba)
  • Cycling (Various Places)
  • Buggies (Araba and Dead Sea)
  • Night Walk (Wadi Rum)
  • Paramotors and Trikes (Wadi Rum)
  • Gyrocopters (Dead Sea)
  • Wellness and Spa (Various Places)
  • Geological Explorations (Various Places)
  • Wine Tasting (Amman)
  • Beesan Beekeeping
  • Experience (Jerash)
  • Olive Picking – Oct. and
  • Nov. (Umm Qais)
  • Soap Making Experience (Ajloun and Irbid)
  • Weaving (Umm Qais)
  • Hadab Making (Umm Qais)
  • Jordan Hejaz Railway Train (Wadi Rum)

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